Guns missing ‘Item’ GameObject

hello, when I bundled a weapon, I got a similar error, that with the masterbundle, that with the bundle

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error is largely self explanatory: the game can only find the .dats for your items but it can’t find the unity gameobjects for them

nothing looks wrong with your .dat files (at least nothing that would stop the game from finding the item gameobject)

there’s at least 3 things that could be wrong here:

  • incorrect file structure - masterbundles must be 1:1 with your map’s bundles folder, for more reference check nelson’s guide:
  • improperly made assets - you haven’t shown your unity setup for the broken items, so until you send some pics of those i won’t be able to really help you here
  • file corruption - really rare, usually a rebundle fixes this
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Are you using a MasterBundle or Unity3d files? If you’re using Unity3d’s, add this to your .dat:



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