GUYS I GOT IT! Bandits in 4?

So basically, bandits. Bandits and
they would roam on maps and
They could shoot you on site
And rob you :flushed:

OhOh OH but wait they could also umm… loot houses? Yeah AND ALSO ride horses and shoot guns? (I understand if you can’t do that Nelson, coding is hard I get it.)


But yeah that’s it. Sorry for the long post, I just
had this idea and I HAD to share it with you. Like button is in the bottom right. Like so HE can see!

(little potoshop I made to show you guys what I mean ^)

TL;DR: Bandits would be kinda cool. :slight_smile:


I prefer unicorns.

i think bandit npc in utnerned II.0 should have FACTION ,and you can have faction reputation whcih unlock quest’s such as rebuilding nuclear reactor of pei or assembling an makeshift ac-130 from junkyard scrap and plank’s of course will be fair and balance becsase its rare and hard to find…also make bandit fight coalition and put this into the scoprion 7 lore with nucelar war started by american gvoernment ,

pictur i made of nturned lore during the war …bfefore the zombies

i go deetail this in my next post “npc bandit overhaul, a mega suggestion”


People seems to like suggesting bandits in UII.

But noone seems to suggested a Sheriff in UII smh what the frick.

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tbh I don’t care about bandits, I just want their radio

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I sorta suggested post apocalyptic western towns a while back… If that’s what you meant.

Sorry if you cry about this but I thinj bandit should have be kind if you feed them you undertsand eme?

wowow! i love to have nukilar bomb in unturned 5! it is balanced bcause is rare!


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