Guys i have idea

we need more space

no no not container or box space

like space space

like outside our planet

like colonization for meteors

Like the Bootes void. The darkest, deepest, open, scariest, blacker than black part in the universe

Like a Mega Cluster but nothing inside but Rio

@FlodotelitoKifo @Azzaholic @Leprechan12 get on it.


Here you go, fits the criteria I should think.



This one should fit the bill as well.

that’s water dumbass

water can be a void too
as long as there is an infinite amount circulating around something with no end then that can be a void

Bonus: Subnautica (being a void) also has an endless void biome, and is a planet and planets are within the void of space. Space is also where you go during the game’s ending so triple void bonus.


i dont understand but ok

do you know what a void is
its an empty space with nothing inside it

like this
This is the bootes void
Space is not a void, it has planets and stars within it

EDIT: i understand second response

Space and void describe the same thing but we generally use the term “void” to describe the area above our atmosphere as the “void of space” so I personally think this description fits right with the context I’m going for.

But regardless, I guess I am wrong. Double void bonus then :stars::stars:

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no, i’m not gonna be mercy

But you cant get empty void no matter of how hard you try because at quantum level there are some ducks that take energy from nothing and then they gave it back to nothing.

Why are we involving the precious, oh-so-innocent ducks in this discussion? They are too frivolous to be mentioned in this quantum topic. :duck::duck:

because ducks are the answer to the Bootes void
where do you think they go at night

i’m not gonna be any kind of support

Copy paste space engineers and ad zombies, done

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