Guys unturned should host concerts


i think contracted a Diseases from the event
i now somehow enjoy marshemello’s music

Ha I’ve used this image so many times.

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That might be a sign then.


Well all of them have been on peskys posts…


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Excluding that one.

I’ll host a pirate raid consisting of me, yarrrr and a moderator other than moltonmontro

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So just you then


Lets make an earrape version of the untruned soundtrack and play it in washington.

nah i was thinking this for a concert

Well… I’ll host the Pirate Raid with anyone who isn’t a pirate. What is the Pirate Raid? It’s the level 1 raid you can do as a tutorial, and it’s against pirates. :slight_smile:

I’ll even invite Marshmello and Kirby if it makes y’all feel better about it being a level 1 raid boss. :man_shrugging:

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It’s too late molt. Marshmello is fortnite crige now.

Actually its a Diseases that has infected me

i’m all alone

please delete that image from your pc

It’s on my tablet, phone, and PC. You sure you want it deleted from just my PC?

Get the Flamer.

The Heavy Flamer.


with that info, i’m surprised you don’t have it framed on your wall

I do :stuck_out_tongue:
Just my digital wall tho.

It’s in the back corner. By the dead memes.

So you want me to burn my house down?

Then I couldn’t be here to make all your lives enjoyable.