The forum is being infected with anime! We must sto-mph…

Anime isn’t that bad. :3


Help me.



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@NarcolepticHound @GreatHeroJ @Pesticide gear up boys, I’m counting on you.




With a kawaii flying magazine?

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Berlin Wall + Hiroshima.

Check mate degenerate.

boi, you better stfu…
cue pesky’s angry music

Do i have to tell you how terrible and stupid anime is? its possibly the worst thing that could’ve happen to human extsistance! the story is boring, the art is somewhat decent, and oh don’t get me started on all the fucking hentai. I have to live in world with SJW’s, Feminazis, Zoe Quinn, and all this fucking garbage. Being an Aspiring animator i will not do this shit under circumstance because of lame and fucked up anime is. I mean really how fucked up can you be to say “instead of watching looney toons, i watch fuckin pokemon and bayblade let it rip bois because logic my guys!” Out of literately anything, anime is just a copy cat off of american western animation. They just copied Mickey Mouse and pasted it in japan. Sure there might be some out there that might be good but none the less its just terrible! I dont understand why theirs fuckin Loli’s! sure they might be hot (dont take offense) but please how could sexaulize children in such a manner they speak fuckin Korea/japanese. The story is completely boring in every way shape and form. Its so basic. “ooOh look at us OWO WE HAV FOOOKIN POWERS YEAAAAA” i mean holy shit what basic story for every anime.

Tl:Dr Anime sucks


I don’t think you understand what you’re dealing with here

In all honesty, what’s happened with you RedComm?


At this time of year, at this time of day, and this part of this country, localized entirely within this Forum?

What happened RedComm, what happened…

And the worst part of it is, you don't even post Katyusha.

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Thats some Nice Fuckin Bread

My nips hurt idk why


I keep some images around

Fuckin Normie…


But why the Anime, and why now? What has happened to you?

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Well…it makes for good memes.

Redcomm is RedAnime

[Perception 8/10] Soviet memes have been going on for the longest time, why the change?

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