Sprite Cranberry

me when I arrive late to this thread and scroll up




Don’t ask.

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Why the elf ears, I have to ask

Not quite sure, I guess because Elves know their own Forests much like the Soviets know their own Winter; tbh I couldn’t tell you.

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Moving on…

Such a shame, J...

I tried so hard, and got so far…

But in the end, it doesn’t even matter!

Fucking weebs xddd

Pork’s future wife

Ah, you know how it is, I hear busting bunkers is wonderful this time of year, the perfect spot for any 152mm couple.

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I’ll keep it real with y’all

Undertale memes are cringier than anime memes

And if you by chance have a fetish for ship/tank/navy stuff anime tiddies you’re a fucking degenerate

Are you sure it’s bunkers you’re busting?


Animes like gurren laggan are chill though

And btw, really? A bomb?

C'mon, you can do better

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Shit so much fuckin weaboos here

Shield appear or whatever

Great now my Search history has anime wow just kill me now


Is that an innuendo; and if so, this Forum is rated PG.

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I like how we’ll be remembered by this,

New forum users come in,
Old Ones leave,

"Jee wiz what a bunch of fuckin weaboos,
At Least the handsome and strong one, Pesky, Called everyone out on this¨

Someone is feeling slightly Ego-boosted; but I can’t disagree with your first statement.

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