Hackers on a server, and I mean ACTUAL hackers. (EVIDENCE INCLUDED)

I have no idea what to mark this as, as there aren’t really any tags that explicitly say hacker reports, but either way. My friend saw someone hacking a car to fly in his arid server. and I’m not talking carjack+flight flying, i mean like, actual flying. Untitled - Clipped with Medal.tv this is the evidence i mentioned, taken by a friend of a friend.

To clarify: there isn’t a section/tag for cheat reports as this forum can’t be used for anti-cheat -related topics. All anti-cheat bans are handled and distributed by third-party anti-cheats. That’s the BattlEye anti-cheat, and Valve Anti-Cheat (VAC).

Then who am I supposed to go to with this?
Its clear there is some sort of breach after all, so what are we supposed to do?

Use the report feature on the cheater’s Steam profile. I believe that’s the only way to report a hacker.

(Unturned’s anti-cheat systems are automatic, which is why suspected cheaters cannot be manually reported to us. These are the relevant FAQs for the anti-cheats: BattlEye (game bans), Valve Anti-Cheat (VAC bans). Many bans occur in ban waves.)