Halloween Boxes and Item Drops

a few updates ago, item drops got fully disabled to “combat bot drop farming” but doesnt this mean that the halloween boxes wont drop this year? ive been playing kinda consistently throughout october, and the halloween timed decorations have activated, but i havent recieved any boxes. is this going to be the first year they dont drop since they released? and wont that affect their price on the market, as theres now a limited amount of them?


invest now!!

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Next friday will be 3 days before Hallowee. Nelson might release an update and make the boxes drop for a few days.

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The Halloween boxes have actually not been dropping for several years now! I think they stopped dropping when the other box/crates stopped dropping as well. For the foreseeable future I think item drops will only return for curated map releases if the map creator(s) want to do new free items.


ah, i see. yeah that sounds good.

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Cant you like send each player (1) free halloween box?

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[ENG] I understand the developer, because some used Unturned not as self-satisfaction, but to knock out skins and things to sell in the future :cry:

[RU] Я понимаю разработчика, ведь некоторые использовали Unturned не в качестве самоудовлитворения, а чтобы выбивать скины и вещи чтобы в будущем продать :cry:

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