Halloween PEI assets in map editor

Does anyone know how to get Halloween PEIs assets/grass into the map editor? also, why isn’t it working I checked every map that uses the same, and instead of being a dead grass color it’s green! :frowning: Please fix I would really like to try a new small map concept w it

This is because the legacy editor and its material settings have been replaced in modern versions of Unturned. unfortunately this isn’t an automatic upgrade and some workshop maps from way back when haven’t been changed to use the new system. These Halloween Materials should be added to the base game anyways just so anyone who’s modding illiterate can easily migrate the maps.


also, why does ctrl+b + ctrl+n rotate the objects making them impossible to line up some correctly as bunker parts but its just annoying that u have to rotate every object

change coordinate type to local


Any ideas on how to delete already existing Volumes such as kill,safezone,etc ?

Open the map in the editor, go to the Volumes tool, select the type of Volume from the list, and then select the volume on the map and press [Delete] on your keyboard.


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