Halo is here gentlemen




Hopefully splitscreen is implemented prior to Reach’s launch in December, but it doesn’t look like it will be. :C


That’s a lot of money

You can buy each game separately for 10 dollars, however I’m somewhat confused rn cause of the way they’ve set it up, each game is “DLC”, but I’m quite certain they’ve said you will be able to buy each game separately so idk





It feels like 2012 again, I had such a blast launch day. Can’t wait for the rest of the halo games to drop - I’m probably gonna go through and try to beat all the campaigns on legendary (especially the 3 hour challenge for reach :eyes: ). They brought back all the cool achievements and the haunted helm n junk.

If anyone is curious the next halo game dropping is Combat Evolved, seems like they might be going in chronological order. Which is a good idea due to how simple the older games are and since new people are playing halo for the first time they can play the story in order.


Just FYI they are releasing the series in chronological order, according to the Steam store pages. The last release will be Halo 4, and will come in 2020.

I can’t wait. :smile:


Bro what if we get ODST before Halo 3 :eyes:

You won’t! Next question

1v1 reflection ?

Anyone else try to play Reach’s campaign in coop and experience terrible lag? It’s the only bad thing my friend and I have noticed so far. Regular multiplayer and custom games have been fine though.

I have not.
Do you have unlimited fps cap on?

Because of some behind doors stuff involving physics n junk having your fps cap on unlimited messes with game function a little bit, I also experience bad lag and screen tearing until I turned Vsync on.

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