Hand to hand combat


Hello, finally I bring something more relevant than the name of the shotgun today I bring suggestions of good old combat unarmed, hand to hand.


I think kicks could range from different level pressures on the heavy attack button, not something that takes the place of strong swings but, it would not be something like a ULTRA KUNG FU MASTER, but something that a survivor would know to look like gta .


It’s basically that wrestling stroke, so you have to perform a high level of melee combat, quickly press the two mouse buttons.


Now that we all will use most of the time will be the mechanics of the punches, combos would be great example: three jabs then result in a straight left, ie weak attacks mixed with heavy attacks result in movements then.


I prefer keeping the ordinary punches than adding these flashy fighting moves.


Agreed. I don’t think we really need more than basic punches, and maybe a basic kick (for doors) at most.


Yeah hand to hand should have some hit variations, like after a few well placed hits you can do a power punch or something that that will knock a person out after they are weak. Or like some kind of kick attack that damages legs and slow the enemy.


with the punching sound effect c:


It could work a little something like in Far Cry 5 where if the target was above the waist you would punch but if it were below then you would kick


I don’t think I would like to see Unturned being the new mortal combat

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Imagine looting for hours only to have a fresh spawn suplex you then losing all of your gear.

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Prefer the old system, but with some additions such as kicking and gun melee. I don’t think we need to go that in-depth for hand to hand combat in a survival game.


For Honor intensifies
We dont wanna bombart Nelson with extra mechanics. We can use the generic punch system that almost all survival games have. Keep in mind that games like For Honor, WWE, Mortal Kombat, Street Fighter and the like are dedicated fighting games. Unturned is a survival game. Dont get mixed up, please and thank you


I think the only addition needed in meele combat is blocking


We need three stances for melee weapons: Holding the weapon at a low restful stance, Swinging/holding the weapon in a higher more defensive stance, and holding the weapon so you can throw it. There should be options to tap to toggle between stances, or to automatically return to whichever stance you have set at default once you release the button. Every weapon should have unique animations for mb1, mb2, and mb3 in each stanc, and these animations should also have different hitpaths. There should also be unique animations and hit paths for whether you’re prone/crouching/standing, whether you’re switching between pone/crouching/standing what direction you’re moving in, how fast you’re moving, and whether you’re on level ground, uneven ground, or midair. Melee attacks should become more powerful, but use more stamina and have a longer animation if you hold the button for longer. There should also be combo moves that are performed by following up an attack with a specific other one. If one of or both of your hands are empty, you should be able to wrestle/grapple with someone which starts a QTE for both of you, but it will be easier or harder based on what items you’re holding, what stances you’re in, what equipment you’re wearing, whether or not you’re both facing eachother at the start of the QTE, what skills you have, how many calories you’ve consumed in the last hour, the number of characters in your screen name, which one of you started the QTE, and the strength of your characters, but if one of you has the judo skill then they can use their opponent’s strength against them by pressing Alt+Q+F4-Q and also zombies and animals and aliens should be able to start or be taken down with these QTEs as well,and if you win a QTE you should be able to choose between a combination of holding your opponent still, tying them up, causing them to bleed, pushing them away, putting them into a DBNO state, killing them, blinding them, making them pregnant, and eating them. There should be unique skills for each action you can do with each weapon, and improving one of those skills should also offer minor buffs to other skills based on how similar the weapon and action of the other skill is. Projectile weapons should also have be usable as melee weapons, they would just have the extra hipfire, shouldered, and ADS stances as well as the resting, blocking/swinging, and throwing stances that all weapons have, but you should still be able to do atleast one close range attack with your weapon in any stance. You should also be able to do close range attacks by kicking, but you shouldn’t be able to kick while prone, but kicking while diving or sliding into the prone position should do super bonus damage. You also shouldn’t be able to kick while sitting in a seat, and sitting in a seat should also have it’s own unique melee combat, as should riding on horseback, riding an elephant, gliding using a parachute, gliding using a hangglider, gliding using a wingsuit, and flying using wings that mutated out of your back. This is getting kinda long so I’ll put a line break here.

I've put more detailed descriptions about how different mechanics of melee combat should work into this drop down list

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While all these extra mechanics may seem cool if you’re on acid the animations and complexities of an “improved” melee system should really take a backseat to the projectile weapons that players will actually be using.

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Tap LMB: Punch. Quick but weak.
Hold LMB: Kick. Slow but stronger.
Hold RMB: Block. Reduces damage taken from blunt melee (Or maybe just unarmed attacks?). Uses stamina extremely fast (I’m talking 1-2 seconds of block with full stamina bar.) and has a slight cooldown.

Good enough for me.

Could even argue this system would work for all melee weapons. Tap for quick attack, hold for power attack, RMB for block. Obviously small ones like knives have no block.

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