Handfull of caltraps (throwable)

Really another function that could be added to improve use of the caltraps, especialy in quick time situations.

Concept: You can craft together several caltrops into a bundle/handful of throw able caltrops that can be quickly deployed.

Why?: Think of this, Being chased in a car? Throw them! Need to deny entry to a area quickly, perhaps with some range? Throw them! Want to hinder some people above you? Throw them!

Specifically this could add some more tactical options in combat.

How would they work? Well you equip them, and make a throwing motion, and you can visibly see multiple caltrops fly into the air (basically they have extremely heavy ballistics), and when they land they deploy. Of course they cannot latch onto vertical locations, but they will latch on whatever they can.

Perhaps they can damage people when they contact them midair, i say double there base damage, or just there base damage if to exploitable. If bit much then then they simply go through.

I say 5-8 caltrops can be included into the bundle, more or less depending upon balance.

So what you think? Mind having a quickly deployable trap at your disposal? Or useless and a terrible concept?