Happy Birthday to Nelson!


Happy 21st birthday to @SDGNelson!

Here’s propaganda an excerpt from the Unturned II Wiki:

Nelson Sexton

Born on July 27, 1997, Nelson Sexton is the founder and sole employee of Smartly Dressed Games. He grew up in Calgary, Alberta, and currently lives in Toronto, Ontario with his girlfriend and Jasper the cat.

Nelson has used numerous aliases. These include: FriendlyBear, Timberwolf, Builderguy123, DeadzoneZackZak, Greg Stevens, RangerIcicle, and various variations thereof. Most commonly, Nelson represents himself as “SDGNelson.”

Nelson can be contacted through his Twitter page, where he semi-frequently tweets about the latest update to Unturned, and occasionally about various things going on in his life. He also has several emails that can be used to reach him for assistance or support, interests in partnering or business, an issue on the forum, or general contact.

Despite Prince Edward Island being prominently featured throughout Unturned’s various iterations, Nelson did not actually visit the province until July of 2018.

image :birthday: <-- Cake

You guys remember when gaming publications were always talking about how Nelson “made all of this when he was just twenty nineteen eighteen seventeen sixteen” and it was pretty cool?

Doesn’t work anymore. Now it’ll just be “really cool!”


Unfortunately, there is no cake.
Well, there is one…but…



Happy Birthday to Nelson, and thank you for Unturned. As I have learned the basics of unity and 3d modeling in blender because of the Unturned Workshop!


Happy birthday our lord and savior! x


/give 471 image


cake, yo


Well. The gaming publications could brag it as “He made the game by himself ‘alone’.”

Also, cakes are overrated and way too bland. Pizza is alot better.


wait a second, whats the legal drinking age in Canada? If its 21 like the US, then he can get drunk if he wants XD.

Happy Birthday Nelson!


Originally read, “His girlfriend, Jasper the cat”

Regardless, happy birthday man!!!



It’s 18 in Canada, he’s been drunk for years!


oh wow XD well anyways, again, happy birthday nelson!


Its kinda weird thinking that a game dev would be drunk


Where do you think the rainbow hatchback comes from ?



happy birthday


I’d give him a burger with a candle on it, but there are no burgers in unturned.


Yeah, yeah, sure, but how old is his cute cat?

Happy Birthday Nelson!


wow nelson is now 9+10 years old

i mean yeah happy birthday


Thanks guys! :smile:


Happy birthday again. :stuck_out_tongue: I used my admin powers to get a cake for you.
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