Hard achievements with awesome rewards

I think that there should be a super hard achievement that would need a lot of skill that would award you with a super cool non tradable cosmetic so everyone saw you and say woooow
That guy has done that thing… He has to be a very good player


nuf said

I mean sth even harder and with a reward that you can use over and over again and not be useless after 20 shots…

7 metal scrap and a 20x scope that looks like a dot sight don’t seem useless to me :stuck_out_tongue:

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Yes I agree but this 20x scope can be used 20 times because you can’t refil the mag

You can take the scope off the MK.2 and use it as much as you want.

You actually can. I just tested it…

Oh god that was a typo Kylie. My fingers dont like my phone keyboard.

you can simply take the scope out and use it on another sniper.

Oh xD
I thought there was some secret update that disabled the 20x scope from being removed.
But yeah, now I don’t have doubts anymore :stuck_out_tongue:

That was hard( for me at least that I am a medium to bad Player) I agree but I want something even harder sth that not a lot of people will do and they rewarded with an awesome coasmetic non tradable

Despite how difficult it can be, people will always go to MeLikeBigBoom and know how to finish it. Because remember that getting the Major rank in the coalition required finishing Horde Beacons on Deadzones

To say the truth I haven’t done it
Have played the game for. 87 hours …

Also what I ment was even if you know the how to do it it’s still hard… I didn’t mean do be a secret

I know. and being a Major in the Coalition is no secret. It is not easy to do the Horde Beacon in 2 different Deadzones solo without cheats

Imagine doing something like russia Easter egg but 2 times harder and getting a hat with a unique unusual effect

As you wish
If you want a difficult achievement for a cosmetic, so be it


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