Has anybody figured out a way to change the size of images and texts in the Unturned Main Menu to how it was before?

Ever since the update it feels like everything is just now being showed in your face in comparison to how it was before and can I somehow also make it so the headlines are blue colored again instead of generic white?

Agreed. A lot of the images featured in the menu update notes are way too large. Perhaps the images should be sized down a tad to be less ‘in your face.’

Currently it will scale them down to 1280 pixels wide which should be the same as before. The titles are definitely bigger, however. Maybe there could be a title color option if others want it as well?

Should the text and images be smaller?

  • Yes
  • No
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I think it’s best if the image takes up 70% of the block’s width and is equidistant from the left and right sides of the block. It may be worth adding a little more space at the top and bottom of the image to make it look better visually.


The sample size in the results is rather low currently (56% Yes and 44% No with 9 voters). At the very least, it is kind of weird that the news titles are the same size as the game title. For the next update I’ve reduced the title and header sizes in the posts.

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