Has anyone else moved away from Unturned 3.0 for a bit?

I don’t know about the rest of you,but I have moved away from 3.0 for the past 4-5 months and play some other games (Not necessarily survival).It’s not that I don’t like 3.0,It just doesn’t appeal to me anymore.Some of the reasons that made me do this are:

  1. Extremely easy and consequently boring survival gameplay.

  2. Broken PVP (I’m looking at you 3rd person and bunnyhoping :rage:)

  3. Terrible optimization (I am getting almost 60fps at all times in games like War thunder,and when I join an Unturned server with like 20 ppl in it,I get 20 or 30.What?!:face_with_raised_eyebrow:).

OF COURSE I’m not going to stop playing Unturned completely,I’m going to get back to it from time to time,but I’m surely not gonna play it as often as I did (3-4 hrs every day).

To conclude,seems like I’m gonna board the hype train for 4.0 and continue writing posts here in the forum.(And of course wait patiently but frantically for the next devlog)

(I know that I am just 1 random guy,and my choices have 0% impact in the future of the game,but this is just what I think.)


Whatever you’re doing is the same as what most people are doing. Some simply wait, while the rest are still full time playing but at the same time hoping for the new game to be playable. A small portion just don’t cause of petty reasons

All that matters is that Unturned still has a live community of sorts


Agreed,we need to support Nelson,he deserves it.


I got bored of the PVP. I was a big boi, I played with Amorous regularly, would do 1v1s with FEAR occasionally, but it was so fucking boring I haven’t played in 6 months. I’ll play 4.0 when it comes out but for now it’s the Rust grind for me

the only reason I get on unturned 3 is to make my map xd, that’s all.


Personally,I don’t find Unturned’s PVP boring,It just doesn’t appeal to me at the state it is (3rd person-bunnyhoping simulator).In 4.0 this is going to be reworked and I feel that a lot of ppl are gonna like it :blush:.

To give you a better insight in my situation:

Plays Unturned arena:Gets shredded in pieces and can’t hit anything(bunnyhoping)

Plays Arma King of the hill:OBLITERATES EVERYONE!

Well,that’s my PVP skills in a nutshell.

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I usually just drop prone whenever I go to shoot because I usually use the Zubek. I third person in PVP whenever I have irons as is reasonable, but other than that you can can be good at PVP and be “toxic”. While combat isn’t in a great state it’s also not very bad

I’m not saying that it’s bad,it just doesn’t appeal to me,this is a personal issue not the game’s (so much,we have to admit that the combat is kinda broken and unrealistic).I just like slow-paced tactical games,what can I do for it.

I’ve done it completely.

Fair enough, I reccomend Rainbow 6 if you’re looking to have more fun with the tactical shooting

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I’m used to play Team fortress 2 before I’ve find this game, at first my friend asked me if I wanted to play this game, I’'ve said “No I don’t want to play a minecraft ripoff”

After a while, I’ve seen some of the videos about this game being a retro-survival roblox “counterpart” (and that I’m slightly bored of TF2) so I decides to give it a try. Turns out, I actually like this game alot, I remembered my first 10 hours I’ve turned a tank into a mobile base (Haven’t figured out that you can swap seats.) I remembered walking into a deadzone without a gasmask (Didn’t ended up well.) and I remembered that I used to play with a group of 5 to take over the russia map. 5 times.

But all of that goodie-ol’ feeling ’ is fading away, so I’m just either going back playing TF2, making map in unturned or try to challenge myself on “the quickest 0 to geared” adventure and quit every time I’ve done so.

I hope 4.x wouldn’t make the same mistake as 3.x.

I’m waiting for 4.0 myself.

It’s been a long while since I’ve played Unturned. Mainly because 90% of servers are modded with kits, tpa, home, and VIP packs. I either play Payday 2 or Rainbow Six if I wanna play with friends. Or play some “The Sims 4” and “Skyrim” if I wanna play alone

I personally haven’t played the game for almost a year because optimization was a issue for me, i also found the game way to easy, like getting end game gear in 30 minutes of playing. I didn’t really touch on PvP I played arena about three or four times just to get an achievement.

I’m still semi-active in the community either be helping people make npcs or being admin for a servers discord.

As per what Yarrrr said

I agree

Still even tho i haven’t played for so long i’m still hyped about Unturned 4.0 and will likely return once its released

A loooooooooooot of people will too.
I am inclined to believe that the playerbase of Unturned II will double or even triple unlike 3.0.

Same here, it’s all about editing maps atm.

At the start of the year I moved away but I’m getting pulled back in. Idk why. Nostalgia? The community? Athens Arena? Who knows

Just have to say, the title is starting to trigger me.

Just wait to unturned II and then you will back to play and to me i dont play unturned to as before becames the game more boring but before months there was some cool severs and the problem is they just disappear as YouTubers strated (some of them) to post less and less videos of the game.
And also most of good time players (i mean the old players) are not playing unturned anymore unitl unturned II get beta they will come back to playing as there are hope :blush:

Like seriously, it’s HAVE not DOES
And then whoever made the title needs to remove the extra have as well. Can someone fix DIS? PLZ