Have several state bars

Let’s look at food in 3.x: only quality state present. I think it would be cool if some sort of quantity percentage would be in 4.x. And I think there should be a possibility to combine two items resulting in sum of the quantities and the medium in quality.
As well with clothing and guns. If the dirtiness state reaches a high number, later use will take the quality.

sorry for my English, but I hope you’ll get it.

A vest + another vest = 2 vests . To combine 2 vests you should need a “device” and some materials for it
And you get a repaired vest + some raw materials from the second vest.
From combining 2 guns you get parts that are in plus from the combining process.In my opinion.

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That’s not how it works.

If you have a brand new can of soup and a ruined can of soup, pouring both in a bowl doesn’t give you somewhat clean soup. It gives you ruined soup.



couldn’t have said it better, lmfao.


But what if the original item is ruined soup? that means that you now have a bowl of ruined soup with a quality of 100%!

I would like the whole quality thing redone anyways; its weird how food can be perfectly okay at 51% and then deadly at 50% etc etc.

Making assumptions about Unturned II based off of Unturned 3.0 already? Jumping to conclusions now, aren’t we…

I think it was a given that we won’t see a rip of the durability system from 3.0. Even Nelson himself has admitted it’s flawed.

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