Have some cringe

cringe and unsettling



Dear god… That’s horrifying.



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Why does this exist

What’s so cringey about this? I thought this was pretty enjoyable and fit the character of mirage perfectly, Plus it was an interesting technical achievement. The character of Mirage is an over confident cocky show off that stumbles over himself and ends up just appearing laughable when he tries too hard, Which is exactly what happened. The voice actor was actually back stage in a motion capture setup doing this live so all this was on the spot as well, not pre-recorded. I guess it was just more enjoyable for actual fans of the game or something, Honestly this was a highlight for me.


i cringed so hard i fell back onto my couch

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what couch? pour booy…

pesky where the fuck is your old profile picture I liked it more

2020 is a new decade, a new me

thus i laid the last one rest and brought forth a new one

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