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This vomment is not meant to criticize your work
But why is there a crashed Heli that just so happened to land near the other crashed mili vehicles :stuck_out_tongue:

(Again, I just wanted to point it out without any criticism because this is better what i would ever do)


Basically, it was some sort of police convoy. When the lead helicopter crashed, the cars in the convoy stopped and slammed into each other.

Should put a police mega zombie in that place. It’d look great alongside being a good source of police loot. :+1:

so, when is it going to be released? I’m excited for your next map! :slight_smile:

when you think you’ve done a bunch on your own map then you see this T-T

Welp off to try and massivly detail my map, which will make each area take EVEN LONGER TO LOAD!!! but whatever… as long as it looks good like this

is this totally vanilla?

No, it uses workshop objects.

I dont really know. Probably soon, though.

I should a realized, the helicopter is a workshop item right? the police one?

No? It’s just the vanilla Police Helicopter.

actually there isn’t a model for that in the map editor, also notice how it doesn’t have the same style as unturned, with the pilots area blocked off and windows blacked out… conclusion, not vanilla

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also hes using PlayerShiT’s Objects, you can see a picture of the heli in it.

Can I ask what are thoes blue things in your docks? I can’t find them in editor

Nice by the way


Btw, you don’t need to italicize all of your messages. :weary:

Thank you and I kinda like the italic font

It’s called Harbor #1.

Also, italics arent a font xd

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