Having an accual animation for putting on attachments for weapons

I think it would be cool to have it so you can see your character accualy putting on a sight or a grip or an laser

It would be cool, but annoying at the same time. Maybe if animations would be short enough it woul be cool. ANother thing is it would probably take long time for Nolsen to make animations for every weapon


I have to agree with that it would take long time for Nelson to make them probably But with the shorter animations maybe having an skill called “gun handling” wich would speed it up

I think animations for grips and sights should be it sliding on rails. For barrel attachments, it’ll be rolling the barrel on. For mounts it should be putting the mount on and screwing it in. If rail mounted mount, slide it on the rail.

Attachment and unattachment animations were already confirmed IIRC

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