Hawaii Bug Reports - We're listening

All the new quests worked perfectly for me. Screenshot of the tower ?

I told you to go to the radio tower, not the small office.

I accindentally jumped into this car (penetrated by rotor at the wind farm, north-east to Pahala) and now I can’t get out.

Detonator spawn must be extremely low, I have killed dozens of MegaZombies and been to the Deadzone ship many times, yet I cannot get a single Detonator. I have reached a point where I’m muling C4 in my other four characters out of five from a Gold Account and “NOT” picking up more explosives :firecracker: nor Grenades as I’m running out of inventory space, which also holds Grizzly, Ehko and High Caliber boxes… but I’m not getting the Detonator…


I was honestly like wait what, and now I see its 4 years ago. Damn, I was going to do the funny and say fix greece

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