Hawaii Bug Reports - We're listening

Hello everyone! Gamez2much here. Just wanted to let everyone know what’s been going on with Hawaii. We’ve been working on NPC fixes, and creating some new exciting NPCs to add. We’re also looking at optimizing the Mauna Kea region to hopefully lower the number of crashes associated to that area. As of late half of the modz2much team had to be evacuated due to out of control forest fires. Everyone is safe with their computers again, so expect updates as soon as Nelson gets back from his trip. In the meantime feel free to post any new bugs related to Hawaii here. Thanks for all the patience and support! Hope to see you out there in multiplayer!


Keep up the good work

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Thanks man! We’ll certainly try our best!


Sounds good. The only problems I have are with all maps so :l

Keep it up!

Keep up the great work, Hawaii is lit

@gamez2much Don’t forget about that Yellow Glider. :wink:

Or I shall riot! :rage:


I was thinking allowing the closed entrance of the junkyard to be able to be damaged by pickaxes and jackhammers also.

Would that be reasonable?

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Can we get Pineapples for Pineapple Pizza?

All I can really suggest is a fluff location or two, just small campgrounds or a lone house for civvy loot early on.

Talk to Nelson too and see if there’s a way to make the central volcano flare up occasionally, dealing fire damage to players within the area. (Smoke plumes, fire, explosions included). And make sure to give it a warning period, or allow the lava level to drop down a bit, allowing access to a small crevice or cave with end-game loot and difficulty as a secret area.


Hawaii has the most locations of any map. It really doesn’t need that fluff at this point. x.x

Thanks for the feedback everyone! We’re continuing to check here frequently for more reports and ideas! We should have another small patch for Hawaii ready shortly after Nelson returns from his trip.


For any future projects would you still use the Steam discussions with a special sub forum, like the actual Hawaii Feedback ? Or the SDG forum ?

We’ll still be looking in all the places you guys might be posting. So we’ll still frequent the steam discussions and r/unturned.

I’m not sure if this is a bug or if it was intentional, but some of the newer Hawaii vehicles’ taillights seem to be glowing at night, not sure if this was reported on before too.

**I am going to try to find some images of this, but keep in mind I don’t have Unturned on this PC, so there really is no guarantee.

I saw that too, almost all the last vehicles added to the map such as the Leganero and the construction vehicles have a different kind of glow during the night.

Glowing lights at night when the vehicles are off… that’s a new one! thanks guys!

Full moon vehicles D:

There’s still no Yellow Glider! D:


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Go to the radio tower.

It does, it’s not the one inside of the small house.

For the “Dangerous Distractions” quest you have to talk to all the Coalition NPCs, if the Major still doesn’t give you the noisemakers leave the map and get back to it, the dialogue should be there.