Hawaiian pizza (pineapple on pizza)

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This is the poll that will end all polls

Alexa order 2 pounds of Hawaiian pizza

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Russian waifu will smack you with a leek.

we need more leek

Stop making Sequel of topics!

I made it because the communist said pineapple pizza is terrible xd

I like hawaiian pizza. We used to order them on my birthday. The juicy roasted pineapple mixed with tangy pizza sauce gave it some kind of touche mild-acid flavour that caused first-degree burn all over your mouth.

Sure, that british guy say it doesn’t belong in a pizza. But keep in mind that he lost a cookoff with err… fat TV host guy?

But again, the opportunity to call you “gae” is greater than my love of acid pizza.

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I was gonna add 2 more options, to increase the gae but it was too late


Problem solved

Excuse me nani the fuck when did I have anything to do with this I’ll have you know that Gordon Ramsey is a distant relative of my uncle’s friend’s cousin’s second wife and he will cook you into a Beef Wellington if you ever mention pineapple on pizza again you fucking degenerate.


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