Hay bales physics (random suggestion)


Basically just this (ignore all this guy’s mockery).

Suggesting this just because it was interesting to see, and because hay bales were kinda invincible in 3.0 as well.

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Why doesn’t DemoRanch have a flamethrower by now?


Gotta wait for Elon to bless us with civilian grade flamethrowers


This comes to mind

Tbh, I don’t see an issue with expensive craft-able flamethrowers, this is Unturned, and I like that it doesn’t take itself too seriously, and that anyone can become the next Macgyver.


I was answering the question about Demolition Ranch, not saying anything about whether craftable flamethrowers should or should not be in the game. I guess you could say I was pointing out that there’s no civilian tier flamethrowers, but makeshift tier flamethrowers I only barely touched on by saying

But to get this thread on topic I think I should say that bullet penetration that varies by the thickness and material of the object being penetrated and by the projectile and its velocity makes sense to me, but having physics for random objects placed in the map seems like it could be problematic. Maybe if it were implemented somewhat like the “debris” of 3.X, but with collision enabled it would be okay.


I saw that vid when it came out. Its pretty cool.


Too scary for civillians to own


So er… are you suggested making a base out of haybale or what?


I believe it is just a basic suggestion to make certain props a lot tougher then others, such as haybales. I don’t think you would be able to build a base with it however.


eh not really. there ARE civilian flamethrowers for cheap. its a sort of sttachment you attach to propane tanks.

I know, its called a “Brush Torch” but its pretty much the same thing XD

Except its used for battling weeds, not people. but it can still cause damage if directed at someones face. believe me, Ive used one multiple times


I have deleted my comments about flamethrowers. This discussion about flamethrowers and blowtorches (There’s a difference you knuckleheads) either needs to stop or be split into a separate thread.


I’d say OP needs to elaborate more on the topic to avoid confusion

While flamethrowers may not be the main point of the topic, you can’t decide what should be explicitly posted here.

Just carry on, but don’t let it go too far off @Aj_Gaming and everyone involved


Oh, sorry I didn’t realize I wasn’t allowed to delete my own posts and ask people to stop replying to them. (Really thought just deleting them would be enough until 10 minutes later Aj replied again)


I had started typing it, but hadnt finished it till then. cause I was being lazy


When I see this I think of that one civil war battle and that one scene from Band of Brothers where they’re attacking that one German town and hiding behind the haybales. Which is also that civil war battle but reversed

Wait, we’re talking about Unturned?


If it wasn’t pretty clear for @everyone in this post, this suggestion focuses on the PHYSICS for the hay bales. Idk wth is everybody so obsessed with flamethrowers, lol.

Note to self: do not mention ‘hay bales’ ever again in this forum.


Came here to say that hay bales should act as physical cover.

Yep. That’s it. No off-topic derailment here.