Head rotate

I don’t like that you have no rotatable neck… lmao
I hope Nelson will add that your head rotates in direction where you are looking … something like in Minecraft
But even if you don’t like it, i need rotatable head/body in car… it’s so annoying that you dont see where your friend’s head rotate in car

Heads rotating would look really weird when you hold weapons, but in vehicles it’s been a missing animation for too long. I disagree that we should have neck turning except when in a vehicle.


When freelooking like we saw in Devlog 1, I imagine that the head would move.


Yes, but OP suggested an animation like in Minecraft, where your head turns separately from your body in normal view.

I wouldn’t want that, but I think a freelook neck animation would be fine.


I only agree with rotatable heads in vehicles, something which was missing in the current game


You could have just liked GHJ’s original reply…

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Thankfully, I don’t know much about Minecraft so i don’t know what he’s talking about, but i do agree with @anon24515308 about the freelook and the vehicle neck twist animation

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