Headshots of snipper rifle must kill

Basically, shots of this type of rifle, if they hit the target’s head, and it has no protection like helmets must be immediate death, of course I hope that hitting the head is not the easiest thing in the world.

If you are going to go for onehsots you might as well do it properly. Basically no helmet out there would stop full size rifle cartridges (or god forbid bigger stuff like .300 Winmag or .338 Lapua) from at the very least giving you whiplash and/or a concussion at best and just deforming the helmets and killing you via blunt force traume even those the projectile did not penetrate at worst.


It’s a game, one or two things can be adapted and be a little bit out of reality, but I was referring to common hunting rifles, and low-level military.

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i hope that helmets would have proper hitbox than unturned 3.0 cuz if you shot in face and target wears helmet it will be reduce.ading ballistic masks,bullet proof glass visors for helmet and for gas mask.

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