Healing stuff

So… We need to find a way to prevent someone who’s dying from sickness being able to heal themselves with bandages. How should we fix this?

bandages/rags for bleeding

  • basic bandages/rags/dressings should only be able to heal bleeding/physical wounds.


  • Vaccines, as usual should help you if your sick. But will heal you if your taking damage from sickness, but nothing else. Except upping immunity


  • medkits should be able to heal both sickness and physical injuries. Most likely medkits would have medication in them, as well as the stuff required to patch you up.


  • splints really should only stop your leg from being broken. They shouldn’t heal you. You should also still move slowly, but with a broken leg, you move at a snails pace.

I dunno.


You know I made a pretty good topic on this already, yes?

How about herbal remedies?


Did it go over the stuff I said tho

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It went over what you said plus more.

ahhh okai then

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