Heart Notifications not showing up


So essentially, whenever I create a reply or topic, I only receive one heart in my notifications section. However, when I manually check the reply or topic, I have received more hearts than what my notifications state.

For example, I created the “Snetty Gun” topic in memes, and only received one heart notification for it.

But when checking the topic manually, I have received five hearts for it.

I do not leave the site open on any computer or phone, and I always leave the notification option as “Watching.” This issue has occurred recently and I would appreciate if anyone knew what was going on. Many thanks in advance.


The site doesn’t want to spam like notifications at you for the same post, just like it doesn’t spam individual reply notifications for the same post.

If you want more notifcations, just change your preferences off the default.


Oh, thank you for clearing that up, I just remember a while ago it would spam up the notification inbox and I was just curious as to where it went. Thank you once again Moltonprime.


It’s also worth noting that if a certain post of yours has been inactive for a while and say, 2 weeks down the line someone new is looking through the forums and likes that post again, you will get another notification.