Helicopter and Airplane Feature/Type Suggestions


I know this has been talked about before, but I don’t care.

With the incredible detail of the car model from the latest devlog, i’m excited to see the new helicopters and planes that might eventually come to the game. When Nelson does so, i think it would be somewhat helpful and cool to have door-gun mounts attached to certain military-type helis.

For example:
The Sentry Gun in 3.0 has a storage for the weapon u choose for it(obviously). If Nelson added something like this onto a helicopter, then u could just mount the gun on one or both sides of it, so if your door gunner gets killed the gun doesn’t fall to the ground below. Plus if u have multiple people in the helicopter other than the gunners, and one gunner is killed someone can swap seats and take over the mounted gun.

Sorry for the long af description, but i thought it was necessary

Just to add on after a while, I think that it would also be cool to have closing doors, that so many people have suggested, but also have it so you can lock them so prisoners that are being transported can’t just jump out whenever they want even though, in RP servers, some roleplay fair and don’t just for the sake of roleplaying.

: )


this isnt long XD

no need for that


huey with dragonfangs in the door guns



literally any war after the korean one


I’d be impressed with closable helicopter’s doors more than a turret tbh.


maybe even the ability to rappel from certain military or department helicopters and the ability to skydive from large enough planes with rear ramps or doors


This for sure. It’d be great to not actually worry about your passengers getting shot out for once.


I like this idea. Maybe having a mount system for fixed and flexible weapons.


let me show you my suggestions :smiley: :
closable doors for helicopters
ramps in cargo planes
infrared camera in military / police / rescue helicopters
hover mode so you can rappel