Helicopter Munitions - Are they a good idea?


Helicopters are badass.
And it will be for the betterment of all of us if we make them even more so. Hence, I’m thinking Unturned 4.x should feature a larger arsenal of weaponry for helis, more specifically the military ones.

                             1. THE PROBLEM: 

If the above AH-64 Apache decides to kill you for whatever reason, it will succeed with absolute certainty, no matter what house you’re hiding in, what vehicle you’re driving, or where you’re running. Why? It’s carrying 8 AGM-114 Hellfire missiles and what looks like 128 Hydra unguided rockets, has a laser TGP with night and infrared vision (and multiple zoom levels), and a 20mm pounder up front. So that’s not what we’re gonna do in Unturned.

                        2. THE PROPOSED SOLUTION:

The thing here is: we don’t want a helicopter to be armed with so many weapons. Sure, we can put all these bells and whistles on, but in a very low quantity. As such, I have the following ideas:

                             THE NEW WEAPONS:
  • A 20mm cannon. Meant to be a heavy pounder, to battle light armored vehicles and tanks.

  • A 40mm frag launcher. A pure anti-infantry/anti zombie weapon. Automatic.

  • An unguided rocket. An unguided rocket launcher.

  • [PROBABLY A VERY STUPID IDEA] A laser-guided missile. The point is that the heli has to stay still while firing. 5 second burn time. Wire guided.

                              THE LOADOUTS:

Loadout 1: 1 20mm cannon on nose.

Loadout 2: 1 40mm frag launcher on nose.

Loadout 3: 2 unguided rocket launchers. 8 rockets in total.

Loadout 4: 2 Laser guided missiles.


This is just like the tank suggestion. We don’t need more than 1 type of ammo for a tank. We don’t need laser-guided missiles. We don’t need fully automatic grenade launchers on vehicles. An mg on a heli is fine. That’s its. (different caliber ammo for the mg would be fine)


I’m fine with heavy machine guns and even explosives on vehicles, but I agree with you (original poster) that laser guided missiles seem a bit much for vanilla version 4, even if the helicopter has to stay still.


did someone sayed

laser guided missiles


Also, doesn’t the Hind have it’s own ammunition? In the first couple sentences you described why people dont like Unturned’s PVP aspects, they’re horribly unbalanced in some areas. There’s no fun in being a freshspawn who just found some clothes and food and them some guy thinks to himself “yeah, there will be no consequences if I target THAT person specifically.”


I can see why people dislike this idea, or parts of it, but I think it should be kept in mind that ammunition for each of those weapons would be difficult to acquire, meaning a player would need either to spend a lot of time grinding, or to have a hell of a lot of luck to be able to use them, and even then, would only be able to use them for a limited number of shots.
I think a good way to balance them would be to make their ammo rare, expensive to impossible to craft, exclusively spawning in end game areas, and just as easily converted into large quantities of the more versatile small arms ammunition as they would be to fire from a vehicle.

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@KingFrog you are clearly a very progressive person. Obviously, if we just keep a stock placeholder weapon for everything, the game will be so much less boring and monotone than if we actually try to add variety. Like, why do we have so many guns in Unturned? They all fire a bullet and kill from range, so why don’t we just have one assault rifle, called “machine gun” in the inventory, chambered in “machine gun ammunition”? That will make the game so much more fun to play, right?

That was my thought. Exactly why I added the laser-guided ATGMs, the fact that you have a heli with only two of them, so you need to use them wisely or they’re gone. Same with the unguided rocket loadout.
And while we’re at it. You are the developer, right? I just found out.

I’m not the developer of Unturned. (Or any software for that matter.) Not sure where that came from…

I don’t know, something clicked and I had this weird suspicion. Happens sometimes. Is it considered rude to call the developer to a suggestion thread when those on the thread reach a sort of mass-consensus?

The thing is, the same applies with guns and spawnkilling. Helicopters, especially those with the more legit military loadouts, will be so much rarer than that.

Well, there’s technically no rule against pinging Nelson, but he browses these forums fairly often, and we try to not ping him unless we really need to, so he doesn’t get flooded with mentions.


Okay, I agree now, this is a bit too far for an idea.

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