Helicopter physics 4.0

In Unturned 4.0 should he helicopter physics be like a real helicopter or like the helicopters from 3.0?

Oh my God. Please search for other threads before you create something new. There is already a topic about helicopters.

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oof my bad

Unturned should have something like GTA San Andreas helicopter phisics.

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theres a LOT of posts bout it

How about gta v heli physics

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Yeah don’t necropost.

As long as it adds ideas to the post its fine.

But why reply to a thread that was irrelevant from the moment it was first added.

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It’s still relevant

No, like there was a better, more discussed, post about helicopter physics that was active just days before this one was posted.

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I even said this post was already discussed about and the OP said oops.

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