Hello, I was banned for Unturned Official and I don't know why. I tried to contact the person who banned me and I got no response on what I did or their proof of me doing it. I feel that this was more of a targeted ban than a properly handled one

If the staff who banned me could reach out and explain why I was banned and show proof I’ll drop this appeal and leave the situation alone.

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Could you give me your discord ID? (e.g. mine is 296697505842855936)


The reason for the ban is ‘‘Constant disrespect, refusing to listen to staff’’. @Vextrium banned you and I believe it was because of transphobia, but I will ask him to come and let you know the exact reason.

Alrighty, sounds good.

You were banned for editing Flodo’s image and changing a flag to a sexuality thats known as a joke. Then you decided to go into your discord and say that the flag was harmless, and that you were "preventing the growth of “shemans”. And telling people to come into Unturned Official and post it for you since you were banned.


Thats not what happened. Part of it is true but what rule did I actually break?

Bigotry falls under rule 2. “2. Respect other people. […] Hatred, bigotry, and discrimination will not be tolerated.”.

The rule was recently reworded to be clearer, but it’s always explicitly listed bigotry (& such) as being prohibited. You had already received a warning for a similar reason as well.


And where did I post this so called “Bigotry”?

this post may give you some insight

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Again, not completely accurate and where’s the proof?

According to ban logs I was supposed to receive a soft ban. Not a perma. But somehow it was switched to a perma.

We use softban before we perm ban in order to remove a lot of content that is breaking our rules. It’s an easier way for us to remove a bunch of spam coming from a specific person.


Thankyou for elaborating on what that meant :slight_smile:

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Appeal has been rejected. User was banned as per rule #2 (Respect other people), due to posts made in showcase or showcase threads.