Hello, Im new!


Hi! I’m new to the four but I have been in the Unturned community for awhile, And I just found out about this forum .-. . Well Anyways Cant wait to get active with the Community here!


Welcome to the forum, man. I hope you’ll enjoy your time here.


Welcome! Enjoy your stay here- or don’t, it really doesn’t matter.


Here’s a guide to help you get started

Protip: Don’t Necropost unless it’s something constructive, and please use the searchbar to locate topics that have already been discussed.

Take care.


Welcome! Under my watch you’ll experience extreme suffering and you’ll be forced to watch MoltonMontro edit the wiki for 12 hours on livestream :upside_down_face:


I’m Fine with that. :slight_smile: I will never give in, also thank you!


Thanks for the tips!


I will enjoy it here!


whats up, i’m your friendly neighborhood shitposter pesky.


Welcome to the community. Don’t post about guns or skills for UII. You’ll dodge a bullet, trust me.


Welcome to the forums


welcome its good to see people join to this Forum its just a great place