Hello please add a search bar to the resources tab in the legacy editor nelson please i beg you

The year is 2018. Danaby2 is sitting alone, in his cold room working on yet another epic arena map. He imports his amazing resource that he just spent hours modelling in blender, then texturing and importing into unity. The excitement on his face is very visible, what he dosent know however is his excitement won’t last for long. He opens the legacy map editor and heads over to the resource category. He scrolls and scrolls, yet he cannot find his resource. “What could I have done wrong?”, Danaby2 exclaimed. He does the usual thing of checking the error logs and making sure a GUID has been generated. He is left puzzled by this bizarre phenomenon. He then goes back into the editor, only to find the resource he has made between some pine trees. He then becomes sad and fucking dies lmao

Please, if you or a loved one has been affected by a lack of a search bar in the resource category, share this post with 5 friends, leave a like, subscribe, follow, comment, retweet and smash that bell icon.


I agree. #metoo

Can we get an F

this is so sad can we get a search bar for resources

My second palm tree sufferd from this too. I thought it was broken but it was between Hawaiian Palms :((

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This is so sad, can we Wed him?

Hol up lemme setup a gofundme

Epic Arena when? :athletic_shoe:

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I’d say soon™

IM excited. Though some of the reasons why are worrying…


yes please

go away, you arent welcome. /s


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Attention all Athens Arena gamers. Danaby2 needs your help to convince Nelson to add an epic search bar to the resources bar and find his trees easily. To help him, all you need to do is put down below your Credit card number, the three digits on the back and the expiration month and year. But you gotta be quick, so that danaby can convince Nelson to add the epic search bar!


Athens arena 2.0.