Help crash хеллп краш при загрузки


the instruction at the address accessed the memory at the address memory cannot be written"
инструкция по адресу обратилась к памяти по адресу память не может быть written
win 8.1 32-x bit 4 gb ram
винда 8.1 32 битка 4 гб озу

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Your computer has a 32-bit OS , currently the requirement for Unturned is 64-bit, you also have the bare minimum for RAM, 4 gb ain’t doing it for Unturned, not much you can do other than upgrade your computer unfortunately.

This is the first time i see a person with a 32-bit OS since like, 2005. Damn.


It’s very common in Russia

@Elliot F for Russian gamers, they’re being left behind in the gaming world. Sad…

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Not at all. Do you know how cheap games are when you buy it in a Russian account ? Rust goes for 20 euros, in a Russian account, you can get it for like, 4 bucks.