Help i dont know how to fix this

alright so basically whenever I try to equip weapon attachments it doesn’t work(sometimes it will if I spam it a ton but for the most part it doesn’t). when I try and depuip a weapon it just requips it. and when I have night vision headlamp etc… on and try to turn them if it just turns right back on. this glitch is very annoying and it only happens on servers and not single player or LAN. I’ve tried multiple different servers to see if its just like admins trolling or something but that seems not to be the case. I have attempted to uninstall and re-download it didn’t work then I turned off the cloud sync uninstalled reset my pc and reinstalled it still did not work. after that I tried verifying the integrity of the game that did nothing and the glitch is still a problem please help me out here I don’t know what to do and I’ve asked people in discord and they don’t know what to do either so they sent me here.
here is a link that shows my problem:

i watched the video, and i saw that you tried to join 300 ping servers.
it’s about the server you’re playing in. i get the same problem in some servers too, annoying af. but it’s not the game, it’s the ping.
it also affects the inventory management. one dressing in your inventory, when you drop it on the ground it turns out it’s a bandage, however it looks like it’s still in your inventory etc.

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Customer support nelson here, how i may help you

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If you join a server that has 300 ping, you will have problems like that.

BTW, ping is how fast your computer can communicate with those servers.

It’s best if you join servers under 100 ping, as your computer can send and receive data fast enough that you don’t have this problem.

ill try one with lower ping

i tried a server with 49 ping it did the same thing

check your internet connection

@Noobyfish my internet i joined a server with ping under 50 and still had the same problem

Whats you computer specs

You probably have a shit pc

@Pesticide i have played on a pc 10 times shittier than the one im currently on and it never had that problem

Are all your graphic settings on Low?

That usually helps with mine since i still have a basic boy pc

i think they are just the default

but its not a graphics problem because on single player and lan servers it doesnt happen to me

from the video alone, it looks alot like lag which is prolly what the problem is. I have two theories that are happening to you:

  1. like i said before, Its most likely lag. From the video itself it sure does look alot like lag. Possibly from Graphic settings.

  2. The servers are running too many plugins and or too many players. I’ve had this issue before with far too many players on creative rp servers. but most of the time, its usually in short bursts from spawning things or it just being generic lag.

Im sorry but, that’s as far as my knowledge is with lag and whatever else your experiencing.

yo i actually don’t know why it lags so much in the recording because when i was actually playing it was pretty smooth other than the zombies rubber banding a little bit. also i tried it on vanilla servers with 0 plugins and it still did the same thing. i need to get a better recording software.

i have a friend with the same problem as me and he said he just reset his pc but i tried that it did not work

I’m sorry, but i forgot to mention,

do you have any background tabs running when your playing the game

yah i usually have a few chrome tabs stick notes and discord up

well, that might be issue then. i remember playing single player and listening to music while my game was having a seizure. How bout you try closing the tabs and see if that helps

i never had a problem before with it though…