Help in hosting a simple survival server

I tried to make a Internet server based on the Unturned Docs, so I can explore Kuwait to get the achievement with some friends today:

I don’t know what I doing wrong to host a simple server, I tried to put the Kuwait ID map on the WorkshopDownloadConfig.json file and the server still running at PEI, also, I tried to put Map Kuwait and Map 2483365750 in the Commands file and still didn’t work.

It would be helpful to troubleshooters if you copy-pasted the code/text.

The files I edited?
(sorri first time brudda)

Yes. The WorkshopDownloadConfig.json and Commands.dat files.


  "File_IDs": [2483365750],
  "Ignore_Children_File_IDs": [],
  "Query_Cache_Max_Age_Seconds": 600,
  "Max_Query_Retries": 2,
  "Use_Cached_Downloads": true,
  "Should_Monitor_Updates": true,
  "Shutdown_Update_Detected_Timer": 600,
  "Shutdown_Update_Detected_Message": "Workshop file update detected, shutdown in: {0}",
  "Shutdown_Kick_Message": "Shutdown for Workshop file update."


Map 2483365750

You set the map via name, not ID.
Come to think of it both should be an option imo.

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As I said I tried with

Map Kuwait

Didn’t work either.

Also Deus please tell to Nelson to stop making broken Achievements, some people can’t get the Hawaii achievement because it is not on the game anymore.

U can tell Nelson yourself using his mail dude.

I ain’t telling him jack.

They could just download it from the workshop…?

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