Help me 2


I can not make the Skybox of an object work, how do you create it on Unity?


I loved the original “Help me”, hopefully the sequel will live up to the hype.


Thank you :sweat_smile:


Skybox has to be exported as model 2


thanks, but how should I set it up in the LOD group?


Should I set it this way?

  • LOD 0 = Model_0
  • LOD 1 = Model_1
  • LOD 2 = Model_2 (Skybox)


Lod 1 should be 20%. Edit: kid 3 should have nothing. Skybox is it’s own gameobject. Drag model 2 into that skybox gameobject, and remove colider.


which tag should I put the GameObject “Skybox”?

I do not know why, but it does not work :frowning:


Large and large