Help me!

This handsome lad is holding a gun that tastes like shit!, I don’t know how to make this gun candy. When I try to do it, it looks kind of shitty. can any of you help me with a color scheme/model situation in the little comment section thing-y? image
it’s based off of the candy corn rifle from terraria for reference of what I referenced it off of. Yeet.


tbh I think it looks fine how it is, but if not maybe make the barrel colored like a candy corn?


Ah, yes, my favorite thingy.

Have you tried just making all the guns chocolate?

Fortnite just commits with its coloring.

I think it’d be easier if, moving forward, you designed guns based on how you want to texture them. Since you have candy guns, you’ll probably want to consider design choices that make them look a bit less gun-like and a bit more giant-candy, like a candy cane blunderbuss would.



this one’s going in my folder

imagebetter ?

You could try making it like that one bluntforce skin that’s a two-tone light pink and white.

The Cakemix guns?

Card_1379_Cakemix_158 Bluntforce_112_Cakemix_26

It’s really hard to imagine it any less of a gun, and Unity’s lighting is throwing me off I think. Maybe? :man_shrugging:

EDIT: You could consider having more detailed textures than the vanilla guns have. Try for something more similar to some of the skins people have made.

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you could try making it look like the candycane rocket launcher, the finest of all skinsimage

Edit: or maybe licorice?
Edit 2: Tootsie Roll?

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it’s not a goddamn candy cane weapon

image maybe replace the red arrows with some sort of chocolatey colour and the blue with a wrapper of some sort




yes exactly


yes I understand.

Pretty much yeah

that one red arrow where is it pointing

just what I was about to say

why does this look Chinese for me

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