Help our beloved modder Lax_Goalie_13!

hello my freands. some of you probably know Lax_Goalie from the unturned modding communety. he made some amazing mods such us First Responders. and helped make many more. about a year ago he had a hart problem. and he had to setup a gofundme page to help pay the medical bills. well life hasn’t been that grate to him lately. struggling with money. and braking his phone beyond repair. and having a week pc to the point that it cant run google and discord at the same time. his situation is depressing. and for this reason we set up another go fund me page to help him get a new phone and a stable computer. so he can get back to modding and working. he is my good freand and i really worry for his helth. so i really hope you guys can help and spread the word.
here is the link to the page.
thank you.

alsow note that he does work and its not just that he does not want to work to but the stuff. its just that he cant work hard enuth to ern to fix the things alsow his pc and phone are important for work. thank you


Yeah I remember his first military vehicles pack. It was the first mod I installed. I hope he will get back his luck soon :cry: