Help out a fellow map creator newbie

Hey guys so i have decided to make a map and go whit the carpat grass but i cant seem to get it in the ground upgrade. also i cant finde it in the asset browser/core/assets/landscapes/materials/ (carpet should be here) why isnt is there ? help


I’m pretty sure the carpat materials are legacy, you won’t be able to use them with the devkit.


so i cant make carpat looking maps ?

you can, you just port the materials into your map the old fashioned way
Heres how.

the old Russia materials are like the Carpat ones, you have to go into the Carpat map folder. then you go to the terrain folder, you copy the Materials.Unity3d and Details.Unity3d and put them into your own map’s terrain folder. then you test the map to see if the assets carried over correctly. If they don’t, come back to this thread and just let me know. ill go over it in more depth

EDIT: you won’t be able to use devkit terrain for this method, however. The devkit doesn’t have most of the carpat assets, including the materials, trees, and details.

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yes i got it. not for the first try but i got it thanks! have a nice day

If you want to make Carpat mats into devkit check this guide:

(all you need is materials.unity3d file and Unity)

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