Help out Unturned on r/place

Hey guys, Jdance M. here. If you haven’t noticed yet, r/place is open again for the whole internet. We need your help in creating an Unturned face right on r/place. You can follow our progress at Unturned. Hope to see y’all there.

The r/place event is now over. Special thanks to Butter_Fingers, boxboijosh, jorjorwel, and Lucky Gamer LVR for assisting in leading the efforts. Below is a screenshot of one of our attempts:


(Short global pin.) To clarify: there’s a few Unturned communities working on r/place creations, which includes members of the official Unturned Discord server linked above.

Which area’s/spots are you planning on covering? Your target spots, can we get pics where you like circle those areas or something?

Sorry about the late reply. r/place is over now so it doesn’t matter no more. But we provided all of the details within the official discord for those interested. :+1:

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