Help uploading blowtorch skin

Hey everyone, I am trying to upload my own blowtorch skin but don’t know how to get it into the blowtorch category. When I use the submit workshop tool in the main menu of the game in the skin category dropdown there is no option for blowtorch. On the workshop this is a category for blowtorch though, so how do I upload a skin there?

Those other skins uploaded to the Workshop were likely done so through the Devkit’s upload tool. The Devkit (and most of its features) were merged into the normal editor for the game. But, it looks like the current workshop upload tool is missing some of the tags that used to be available.

I don’t believe normal Steam users can manually change the tags on their uploads from the Steam Workshop page.

I’ve created an issue on the public issue tracker on GitHub for the missing tags. In the meanwhile, if you upload your skin under a different tag (like “Generic Pattern”) and DM a link to it, I’ll be happy to manually change the tag to “Blowtorch” for you.

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That is the link to the skin, thank you so much for your help and for moving it over into the right category


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