Help! We need actors!

Howdy do! We’re planning an Unturned Cinematic Movie right now, and while I can’t say much I can tell you it’s a lot of fun and we need you no matter who you are! I’ll link a teaser right below if you are interested or want to see more.

If you would like to contact me, my discord is p1nk#4782 and my friendo Gravitydefier#0621

I mean… once I tried to do an Unturned movie, but when I joined the server, the director wasn’t even on. I haven’t seen an Unturned movie successfully carried out. Ever.


Sounds interesting, but if this has nothing to do with The Wall, i’m out /s

I have, but only once.

It was live action.

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can I see

I’d like to join, video seems nice as concept. But buy a new mic please lol

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How do you make a live action Unturned movie lmao

My guy, don’t worry, I’m not the protag, you won’t have to hear my awful mic to much lol.

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Apparently the person was making some suspenseful thing using lore, about the events leading up to the outbreak or something. Sounded really cool but I didn’t really watch it save for a few glimpses.

What about Nylex’s videos? XD