Help with NPCs


If I place an NPC in the editor, and save and exit, the NPC will just dissapear, any help?


Make sure that it has a unique GUID. for reference, make sure to turn off hyphens.


yeah i did that


continue this on modject pp oo head


what’s that



yes i agree

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In that case send a picture of the asset file from the NPC’s character folder


GUID dd7b7ef79eda4ef3bd04f32df9c35294
Type NPC
ID 90009

Shirt 154
Pants 2

Face 0
Hair 2
Color_Skin #d9cab4
Color_Hair #000000

Dialogue 90001


Not sure what’s wrong then. Nothing I can tell is out of the ordinary.


i do have them in a different folder


Make your ID numbers lower. Past like 65000 is when it won’t work.