Helpful NPC'S

Ok here me out…What if there where NPC which you can hire to follow you around and help you with quests
You know extra firepower. And the NPC’S could revive you when you die

I would imagine that 4.0 would be harder (in the survival aspect) and that’s why this sounds like a neat idea
Obviously it wouldn’t work 100% in multiplayer
But I think it’s a good single-player concept

You’re opinion?


You know when you make a topic and it shows you ones that sound similar? Maybe take advice and look at the 1 million other NPC posts.


Sorry I didn’t know about that
I’ll make sure to check it out next time :wink::slightly_smiling_face:


Dunno about them reviving you, but sure.

This made me think of another issue with npc bandits, wouldn’t they just be walking loot bags with poor ai.

Why do you think they will have poor AI?

Do you think nerlson is AI :100: man

Well, I doubt he’s terrible at it. Also considering the global navmesh he won’t even need to work hard on them.

Look at CS:GO bots. Sure you can make something look and shoot, but, theres still incredibly feats necessary to do - such as making the bots feel realistic, making them not have god eyesight (see at night, see through bushes), and so on. Also, these NPCs would just immediately give you away anywhere you are - seeing as they don’t have any clue what stealth is.

From what he replicated in 3.0, I think the most he could do is a simple following AI with basic combat skills.

  • Travel close to you while finding paths through obstacles (No jumping though)
  • Shoot when an enemy is sighted at a certain distance
  • Melee when close to an enemy
  • Access dialogue
  • Access inventory it will carry for you

Some advancements he could try:

  • Mimic your crouching/proning
  • Kiting when in melee combat (Avoid zombies)
  • Move tactically in ranged combat (e.g. Move sideways, look for cover)
  • Run if far from you and/or you’re running as well
  • Commands (e.g. Stand in place/follow, use any weapon/melee only/ranged only, defensive/aggressive combat, stay close/stay far, dismiss with a confirmation if you’re certain)
  • Advanced inventory; Will use items if necessary, such as healing when a medical item is held or use up ammo with its current weapon.
  • Advanced dialogue; For example can ask current health state (If hurt or fine), opinion on quest you’re doing, and extra dialogue depending on what you did.
  • Random dialogue; Will bark lines depending on the situation it’s in (e.g. Engaged in combat, after fighting, struck to low health) or simply say things randomly when traveling. Dialogue will either be seen on the player HUD or above their head.

Although, even the basics, AI can be tricky to code and can depend on how the game is made. He did create barebones AI in Devlog #018 so you can hope he can create something more interesting.


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