Helping whit making original guns to Unturned II

I have intrest to help to make original guns into Unturned II


UE is very much available, whats stopping you?

Help who exactly tho?

Lack of modding tools. Lack of roads, objects, items and more . . .

SDG i quess
I also know that guns in unturned 2 will look a bit newer shape and also some more guns will come i think so why not to make many desings from old to new and then pick best ones.

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Oh that does sound interesting, do you have a background with modding ?

My only background is, that I have made 3d gun models and then I sent those to another guy who continues in unity. I’veave tried to make full working guns and sights but those didn’t work out.

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Can you post some of it here

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Aleksander42#3068 discord

I don’t use discord, too homosexual

Just post your stuff here

UE is as open as it gets pretty much

You can easily remake the 3.X ones and get them to run under UE.

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But you need the official Unturned II modding tools, it isn’t the same otherwise. We can’t just throw stuff at UE4 and magically make it work in-game.

Problem being there are none, and I would not hold my breath till they arrive. They’d probably be a bunch of presets or whatever, so getting the model to work in UE should get you 90% of the way no?