Heres my output on cooking in ll

After seeing mercurys post about cooking, It gave me the idea for cooking, and that way is by doing this legend of zelda botw style, with effects from the foods. More info at the bottom

heres how cooking works in zelda btw

Note: not all foods will have effects. fruits or some basic cooked/uncooked foods will only recover food/water.

Im thinking some foods should have effects on the player,
Like Keeping you warm for a while or increased endurance.
While other foods like basic cooked meat or an apple wouldn’t give an effect because nothing was added to it.
But in order for these foods to have effects, you would use berries as a seasoner to the meat.
But, once again, in order for berries to be used as a seasoner, they need to be turned into a juice and poured above food.


Basically just more realistic cooking?

not really. Its just adding effects to food items like endurance, regen, armour+, etc.

And maybe some small additions to cooking for there effects

Welp, I got shot in the leg. Time to chew on a bunch of venison seasoned with cinnamon and rosemary.

I perfer eating cans of beans when I get shot, only the can not the bean.


More like, energy drinks should be more effective than 1 time use. It should give you a buff in stamina regen, stamina cap and speed and maybe also make you bleed out faster?
Then coffe can be like the home made version of energy drink that last half the time but same buffs.

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