Hey guys, Guess what!

I didn’t do what I said I was gonna do again! I made 0 progress on the choco mountains, aside from making one gingerbread object.

I did work on fleshing out some locations and stuff by making new objects

You guys get the name of this town now.

I also started (And finished) 3 new locations that you might like.

First up, CandyLand Park. It’s got a roller-coaster and a carousel but I didn’t include that in the image.

I also made a candy factory that may or may not have funded the construction of CandyLand Park

I also made a military base, but it’s not exactly done, because I need to add vehicles and stuff. The problem is I don’t know if I want to make pink colored vehicles or candy vehicles. All that I know is that it won’t just be a recolored Ural and stuff, but cool new vehicles. Kind of like how France made blue tanks.

But there’s some swirly cake barracks’.

In the next log don’t expect anything because I can’t focus, but I’m gaining up on 100 objects so that’s a milestone I guess.

Smell ya later nerds.

(EDIT) Since the unity update, I have not updated to masterbundles, but everything has been working almost perfectly, so I won’t be doing that until the end.


this made me ChaCha_Fontanez.mp3


this also makes me ChaCha_Fontanez.mp3




thanks for the feedback lads

why is there military
the military is pointless since people can eat them
there like the marshmellows from the amazing world of gumball
see for yourself

i have autism i know
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