Hey, let's play the Beta

Yes, I know, I think we are all kind of sad knowing that we will not have updates from the beta until we have a release date, of course the reasons for this to be happening are totally fair, Nelson as said before has to give priority at the moment to what is most important that is, their own health, in his twitter post about it I saw some comments complaining and being extremely disrespectful (very few in fact), but, Despite not having a survival game we at least have a very complete PVP sandbox, I mean, sometimes I enter the beta and shoot for no reason just for fun, yes the horde mode is pretty cool but I would like to shoot someone else LOL, well I opened a server in the firing range, yes the ping is kinda bad for those who do not live in the southern hemisphere but had no more servers open, I think once a day I will open and wait for someone to enter.

(By the way, is there a command to make the map of the shooting range snowy?)

Of course, it would be nice if more people opened servers.

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